What Effects Would Castration Have On Your Body? – Theon Greyjoy’s Fate
Someone had to do it.

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L Yagami writes: Please make a video on importance of TESTICLES (yeah seriously) and what if someone don’t have a pair or one what effect it would have on human body. I found nothing on you tube related to this but I believe you will do it in something better and different way.

Whaaat. No questions asked.
But who am I to judge, QG your lord and saviour, comes to help.
Guess there will be no ad money on this video.

Castration was a common practice in our past.
From the punishment of prisoners, ideological and religious reasons to the keepers of the sultan’s harem.
Testicles are an important part in the endocrine system of men and are responsible for the differentiating factors of the sexes.
But if the testicles are so important, why do they have to be outside of your body, where they can get removed easily in the first place? Can’t they just be behind a rib cage?
Your testicles have to be outside of your body because they need to be cooler than the temperature on the inside.
They need to be cooler because they produce sperms,which are important for reproduction.
That’s also why your testicles get pulled closer to the body when you’re cold.

People that have their testicles removed when they’re a boy never grow facial hair or develop a deep voice.
Important note here: When they’re a boy. Castration has much bigger effects on your appearance when you’re younger, because you still need to go through puberty, where male sex hormones are crucial.
Also the castrated boys never go bald – as testosterone can, in genetic predisposed men, affect hair loss.
And they may be taller – which is, at least in my case understandable – as the combination of my huge balls of steel and gravity have been an annoying hindrance in my growth process, height-wise.

Another factors that go along with castration are gynecomastia, which is the growing of man boobs due to the increased estrogen.
And kyphosis, which is the a bad back posture, due to the lower bone mineral density and the higher chance of osteoporosis and bone fractures.
Those two attributes might not be the best fundament for an army, such as the unsullied in Game of Thrones.

Allegedly Michael Jackson has been chemically castrated when he was a child, this could explain his lack of facial hair, high-pitched voice and feminine behaviour.

Also don’t forget that there is little to no sex drive when your balls are removed.
That’s why eunuchs, people that were castrated, were tasked with looking after the women of the emperor in the ottoman and chinese empire.
But hey, allegedly these chinese people lived up to 20 years longer!
But I guess these weren’t fun years.

On a more serious note, when it comes to testicular cancer, a removal of the testicle, also called orchidectomy, can lead to body image issues in men.
Survivors, especially younger men, report the desire to look normal and a desire to feel whole again.
Testicles are a male organ that is highly associated with masculinity, sexual function, fertility and romantic relationships.
Often times men joke about having balls of steel, as I did in the middle of the video.

But a lot of the symptoms can be counteracted by getting offered a prosthesis after the operation.
You heard it right, not by getting a prosthesis, but by getting offered one, because this makes you feel like you’re in control.
This takes you out of the victim mentality and back in the positive frame.
This is not common practice in hospitals as I’ve read, so make sure that if you ever find yourself in such a situation, that you ask your doctor about the option of a prosthesis.

Physiologically speaking, removing one testicle, as it’s mostly the case in testicular cancer, doesn’t reduce sex drive or erections.
But losing both testicles can impair those results.
In this case, hormone replacement therapy can counteract those effects.

Having your testicles removed is not a great idea, be it for religious, ideologious or cultural reasons.
They are important for your endocrine system, confidence and reproduction.
But if you have to get it removed due to a disease, make sure you get informed about prosthesis and start hormone replacement therapy if necessary.
You can ask a question in the comments if you want me to make a video about it.
I should’ve made clear now, that I literally consider every suggestion.
I appreciate you guys.

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