Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Video. Today I will be talking about the controversial scene with Tyrion and Cersei Lannister in the Season 7 Finale. All of the main characters held a parlay in the Dragon Pit in hopes of getting Cersei Lannister’s support against the Night King. When Cersei refused to help them, Tyrion went to talk with his sister in private. During this conversation Tyrion realized Cersei was pregnant and this is when the scene cut off. Some people assume Tyrion must have betrayed Daenerys because Cersei does come back out to the Dragon Pit and offer to send all her banners north. Tyrion must have promised Cersei something in order for her to agree to help, but we all know Cersei lied. Cersei told Jaime she was having Euron Greyjoy pick up the Golden Company. I think Tyrion did promise Cersei something, but I don’t think he betrayed Daenerys in the process. I think Tyrion lied as well, and in this video I explain why I think this and how I came to that conclusion. Let me know what you think happened. Did Tyrion betray Daenerys or did he lie to Cersei like Jon should have? Put all your thoughts and questions down below. Thanks for watching!

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