1.Persepolis – Places to visit in Iran

Persepolis. Photos from the site terrania.ru

The archaeological complex of Persepolis – ruins of the ancient Persian city of the same name. The complex with a total area more than 135 thousand square meters, is a great historical value, so in 1979 the ruins of Persepolis have been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site and has been under the aegis of the UNESCO organization. The complex is located 70 kilometers from Shiraz, in the vicinity of the town of Marvdasht. The name “Persepolis” means “city of the Persians.” The exact date of its founding is not known, but most researchers agree on the fifth century BC. For a long time, Persepolis was the capital of the Persian Empire, but in 330 BC the city was stormed by the troops Aleksandra Makedonskogo. Persepolis was looted and burned – from this blow town never recovered, and since then is in ruins. In Persepolis, the ruins of the Imperial Palace, numerous temples, marble bas-reliefs on the walls, and more. This place is steeped in history and is of considerable interest to all lovers of antiquity. Persepolis – the country’s most famous attraction.


Botanicheskiy_sad Shiraz Places to visit in Iran

City of Iranian history and tourist center of the country. For a long time, this city was one of the most important centers of culture, art, commerce, through the territory of the Great Silk Road, which made him famous not only in Persia itself, but also outside it. Here we lived and worked the people of art and science, in particular the famous oriental poets Hafiz and Saadi for which two beautiful mausoleums were built.

2. Pasargadae- Places to visit in Iran

Pasargadae. Photos from the site worlds.ru

The city was founded in 546 BC If you want to see the most famous monuments of Iran in chronological order, you should start from here: let for this and have to overcome 140 kilometers from Shiraz. It is here that Kir Veliky built the first capital of the Persian Empire. Uninitiated remains of the palace hall and the walls of the ancient barracks to tell little. But an impressive grave of one of the most famous rulers in the history of the world will impress everyone. In its heyday Pasargadae were the epitome of ancient Persian architecture style – and it is for them to sample king descendants built a second, even more magnificent capital. Today we can admire the partially preserved bas-reliefs and fragments of personal palace Kira Velikogo, the Hall of Audience, guard rooms, etc.



3.Isfahan- Places to visit in Iran



Isfahan. Places to visit in Iran

Isfahan – half the world “- so said in ancient times still to Sassanid times Isfahan remained an important military center later this luxurious city in the XVI century turned into the capital, concentrated in itself all the beauty of Persia: The striking Islamic architecture, workshops, in which woven shah.. carpets, spacious gardens and parks with fountains, the rich neighborhoods … In those early century, there really could be seen all the wonders of the world. Let eventually Isfahan importance as a commercial center declined, he retained an indescribable atmosphere of the East -. The more you know this city, the more his love for the Iranians Isfahan plays the role of cultural capital – as St. Petersburg in Russia.


4.Tabriz -Places to visit in Iran


Tabriz. Places to visit in Iran

According to legend, it was here that housed the famous Garden of Eden described in the Bible, in the book of Genesis. Tabriz – the capital of Iran’s East Azerbaijan region, a city with over 4,000 years of history, the country’s third largest city with a population of half a million people and the place of dislocation of the mass of historical, cultural and natural attractions. As is usual in most other Iranian cities, it is certainly present Persian poet’s grave (Tabriz became the resting place of Shahriyar), an ancient bazaar, by the way, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the oldest in the Middle East, and the remarkable beauty of the mosque with a turquoise dome. Among other things, in Tabriz region can experience rare for Iran pleasure of bathing in salt lake (of course, separate for men and women), to wander through the rooms Alpine medieval castle and buy the most valuable in the country carpets.


5. Lahijan -Places to visit in Iran


Lahijan.Places to visit in Iran

Lahijan – this is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Gilan province, but also the whole of Iran. The city is located at the foot of the mountain. The local hills covered with green tea bushes grown in regular geometric series. Beautiful architecture, country houses and villas with ceramic ceilings and white paint give the town an indescribably beautiful view. In other words, the city of Lahijan combines all the elements of nature and beautiful architecture. A number of researchers believe that Lahijan is “Silk City”.
Lahijan, like other city Gilana not remain aloof from disasters, fires and robberies. City in 1307 was captured by the Mongol Khan Uldzhayto, and in 1485 destroyed by an earthquake. In the middle of XVII century the population of the city suffered from a lot of other natural disasters.
However, over the last decade, of Lahijan he received special development, and due to the fact that this city is considered the main tea growing center in the country, there have been created many factories for the production of tea.


6. Tehran -Places to visit in Iran


Tehran. Places to visit in Iran

This city is not as famous as the country, the capital of which he is. Today, Tehran is the largest city in Iran and one of the largest cities in Asia. It is located in the north at the foot of the Alborz mountain range, 90 km south of the coast of the Caspian Sea. City stretched to 40-50 km from west to east along the mountain slope.
In the twentieth century, Tehran began to actively upgrade – which caused the phenomenal growth of the population. Especially the ancient architecture and ancient monuments of the city can not boast. But the Shah’s palaces and museums, is being built in XIX-XX centuries., Here are countless.
Beauty Tehran mosque long since become proverbial, so with them you should definitely get to know (but do not forget about the norms of decency during the inspection of Islamic places of worship). Most interesting are the Royal Mosque, the Mosque of Imam Khomeini, Motahari Mosque – the largest (3700 sq. M.) And the most revered mosque in Tehran, “Swinging Minaret” Menard-e-Dzhunban (he really swings!), The mosque of Shah Abdul Azim Sheikh Abdul-Hussein and Sepahsalar (XIX c.). No less interesting are the Armenian Church of St.. Sarkis (Wank), the Zoroastrian fire temple and dozens of other no less colorful places of worship. It should also visit the National Museum of jewelry, located in the Central Bank vault in the street Ferdowsi – for the largest rough diamond in the world. “Darya-i-Nur” ( “Ocean of Light”), weighs 182 carats, but without it there is something to see: the crown of the Shah Pahlavi, inlaid with precious stones globe on stand made of gold, luxurious Peacock Throne work in 1798. And at the Museum of Modern Art you can see quite a remarkable collection of works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Miro, Warhol, Munch, Jasper Johns, and more than fifty artists, including contemporary Iran.


7. Yazd -Places to visit in Iran

Yazd.Places to visit in Iran

In the six hundred kilometers south-east of Tehran, at an altitude of 1215 m above sea level, is the center of the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism, the dominant in Persia before the arrival of Islam – the city of Yazd. He is considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. Surrounded by mountain ranges Shir-Kuh and a network of fortifications, the city in 642 AD. e. He was captured by the Arabs, but continued to be an important point on the caravan routes from India to Central Asia. At the end of the XX century. UNESCO recognized the city of Yazd, having the second oldest municipal building in the world.

The main attraction of Yazd – the city and its unique architecture. Local homes were built for centuries in the form of wind towers “Bad Gears” with round domes and a kind of passive ventilation system, and also supplied with a gimmick to collect water, which is reflected in the appearance of the city. The main attractions are Tower Doulat (height of 33 m.), Dahm or Calais-e Hamushi (Towers of Silence, the burial place for Zoroastrian ritual), the remains of the defensive wall of XII-XIV centuries. “Tower of Fire” Atashkade, which has been 3 . thousand years burning unquenchable fire Zoroastrian shrines Kala-ye Asadan ( “Fortress of Lions”) and Chuck-Chuck (52 km north of Yazd.), Amir-Chahmak mosque (Dzome, the XIV c.) – in fact, a historical complex, consisting of mosques, public baths, hotels, mausoleum, three reservoirs and the portal of one of the bazaars of Yazd a.

And, of course, it is necessary to visit the traditional bazaars, and their in Yazd no more nor less – 12, among which the most popular Bazaar-e Khan, jewelry bazaar and bazaar Panja Ali. Yazd is the best place in the country for the purchase of silk, cashmere, brocade and taffeta, as well as all kinds of textile products.


8.Kish island– Places to visit in Iran


Kish. Places to visit in Iran

Kish – the largest sea resort of the country (total area of about 91 sq. Km.), Have long been having international status. Located in the Strait of Hormuz is 17 km from the coast of Iran, which has a well-developed network of hotels and even its own international airport, Kish is one of the most rapidly developing resorts in Asia. But the Iranian government’s decision to turn it into a Free Trade Area of the island provides a significant advantage over other regions of the country. Kish has a purse network of sports facilities, including scuba diving schools and paragliding, horse club, bicycle track, a few dozen tennis courts and stadiums, as well as an extended chain of beaches with fine sand.

The beaches are divided into male and female. Male is located in the resort area, and women – in the side of the hotel. The same rules apply to the swimming pool, which is on the island a little.

Of the attractions here to visit a mosque, a zoo, dolphinarium and Grounded half a century ago, the Greek ship.


9. Mazandaran province- Places to visit in Iran


Mazandaran. Places to visit in Iran

Northern Province of Iran on the Caspian Sea – is only 4-5 hours away from Tehran and is one of the best places for a weekend, especially in summer when in central Iran and the islands of the Persian Gulf is worth
the unbearable heat. In Mazendarane mild subtropical climate and the natural landscape is very diverse – mountains, forests, plains and prairies, where even wild bears are found. The most beautiful forest Mazandaran – Abbas Abad, so named in honor of the sixteenth century Iranian ruler Abbas the Great. Shah Abbas often stayed there in his summer residence. The province is the country’s highest peak – Mount Damavand. Seacoast almost all occupied private villas, and so Islamic laws for sunbathing there is no effect. You can comfortably sunbathe and swim in the company of different sexes, not caring about the subject of hijab, which is rare for Iran.