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The Most Powerful Psychological Force In Game Of Thrones

What would be the most powerful psychological force in Game of Thrones? In this video I want to talk about why his identity as Stark or Greyjoy is so psychologically important for Theon. We’ll discuss how a sense of identity helps Theon recover from his devastation at the hands of Ramsay after he becomes Reek and how we can all think about our own identities so that they serve us in the best and worst times in our lives.

First off, in the context of Game of Thrones being a Stark and being a Greyjoy mean two very different things. Starks are honor bound to a fault, morose, and completely without guile. Greyjoys are pillagers who take advantage of the weak, enjoy the hedonistic pleasures in life, and are constantly looking to improve their position. Theons choice to identify as a Greyjoy over a stark changes the entire course of the story.

6:43 Names matter as shown before Game of Thrones season 8
8:32 Environment and peers affect Theon in HBO Game of Thrones
9:36 Habitual environment trumps labels like with Reek

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