Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory Video. Today I want to talk about Qyburn and what his plans may be for the future. I have a feeling this mad scientist will begin to study the magic or power that is used to raise the Wights. In the Season 7 Finale there was a big meeting in the Dragon Pit and this was when Jon and Daenerys showed Cersei proof of the real threat that was beyond the wall. During this presentation, The Hound chopped the Wight in half, and that was when Qyburn picked up it’s hand and started to inspect it with a strange curiosity. Qyburn seemed very interested in what was keeping the Wight moving. Qyburn has always been fascinated with the human anatomy and it was this curiosity that got him kicked out of the Citadel. Some of his experiments were deemed unethical, but his methods were able to save The Mountain when it seemed there was no hope left for him. Qyburn is always willing to push the boundaries in the name of science, but he may enter an all new territory now that he has seen the Wights firsthand. I am very interested in seeing what kind of crazy creation he comes up with next. What do you think Qyburn will do next season? Will he be able to tap into the Night King’s Magic or Powers and create an army of his own, or can he use this to stop them? Let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching!

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