India has always been famous for its mystical routes and magical history. Right from ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ to ‘Life of Pi’ we have been always portrayed as people who display an enormous amount of supernatural abilities. ‘The Great Indian Rope Trick’ is one of the most famous and underrated things that India has to offer. We have come a long way from that. Check out these acts that Indians have to offer who could be part of the Greatest Circus on Earth.

1. See these brave(read as STUPID) youngsters get an adrenaline rush by sliding on platforms while holding on to a moving train and then giving out high-fives to posts. Facepalm!

2. This Indian Husband decided to make most out of his dowry! You can see him trying to accommodate his entire family and also his dog. Riding triples would get you a fine of Rs.500/- Wonder how much the fine would be for 6 people + 1dog!

3. Yes! The infamous exorcism! I am pretty sure the CD was that of RVG ki AAG. Nothing else could force whatever that was inside her to get so violent all of a sudden. FYI Anurag Kashyap went through the same thing when he tried to leave the theatres.


4. India’s very own ‘Rubber band’. This guy has an extremely flexible tongue and cheeky expressions to go with it. Someone sure is getting lucky tonight. 😉

5. This guy is a God-send for all the Husbands/boyfriends who wait for hours for their wives/girlfriends to get ready. He has reduced waiting time by 57%. To get one like this, just go to your nearest bazaar and ask for ‘Raju, ek Raju chahiye’ 😀

6. Inspired from ‘Fast and Furious’ trilogy, you NEVER leave your FAMILY behind. This Dad obviously can’t “fly” a car between two skyscrapers, but he can, make space for every on his scooter.



7. India’s very own Superman. Hails from Kottaraka. A quarter of MH, gives him immense strength and accuracy. He’s even able to throw a 16kg gas cylinder 6 Feet in the air and make it land where he wants it to.

His only weakness – Being sober in life.

8. Casually reading the morning newspaper while a gentle breeze blows from the east. Wait!! That’s not a chair. That’s a 500-CC 27 BHP machine and he is steering it with his butt! Sardar ji. Tussi great ho!


9. Give this man a medal. This guy manages to dip his hand in a vessel of boiling oil and manages to take it out unharmed. Hope you guys like the special hand-dipped oil Vada from this bhaisaab. Wonder how hot his hot water bath has to be?