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Video filmed and edited by: Miguel Zaragoza
Music arranged and performed by: Lara de Wit
Costume made by: Hayley Elise
Production Assistant: Tony Basa
Original theme by: Ramin Djawadi

Hello everyone! This is my first go at an outdoorsy, more professional-looking video! I wanted to shoot at some cool locations and do some green screen stuff, all on a very low budget! I certainly learned a LOT from doing this video with my friend Miguel who filmed, edited, and did the effects! I owe him a huge thank you; he was great to bounce ideas off, and super fun and relaxed to film with. I really believe that the guys behind the camera never get enough credit! His website is here:

I arranged, recorded, and edited the music tracks: there are two violin parts and one piano part. I think this cover has a pretty different feel to the original theme, I was going for a ‘piano concerto’ feel in this arrangement.

I’d also like to thank our friend Tony Basa who helped out a the production assistant, and was generally awesome company and a great sport.
His website:
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Hayley Elise is a highly skilled craftswoman/cosplayer; she made this costume with her bare hands! And she was kind enough to let me borrow it ๐Ÿ™‚ Check her out here:

And thank you to my housemate, friend, and total spunk Mitch for helping me with the final mixing!


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