Welcome back for another Game of Thrones End Game Theory Video. I wanted to go over a couple of the theories revolving around the main characters in this series that could reveal the outcome of their respective story arcs. Some people may disagree with who I see as the most important characters but in my opinion I think the legacy of this series is going to hinge on how Cersei Lannister’s, Daenerys Targaryen’s, Jon Snow’s and the Night King’s stories will ultimately end.. There are tons of end game theories about these characters but which ones do you think will help tell the ending of this show in the most logical way that the majority of the fans would accept? Do you believe the Valonqar Prophecy will still come true? Do you believe Bran Stark is the Night King? How do you think the Night King will be defeated? Who is the Prince or Princess that was Promised? Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen? Leave all your questions and thoughts down below. Thanks again for watching!

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