A few days ago I heard this Light of the Seven Remix on YouTube. I still like the original better, but I really enjoyed this version too. I wanted to make some type of video with this music. After listening to it several times trying to decide what type of video to make with it, the scenes I used in this video seemed fitting. I’ve always been a fan of Game of Thrones Montage type videos and after watching several I knew I had to make one of my own at some point. Hopefully you all enjoy this video, although it is sad. House Stark has always been my favorite Family in the Story, and I felt like this music did represent some of the tragic things that has happened to this family over the course of this Story. Hopefully the family continues to rise because I don’t want to see anymore tragedy come to this beloved family. Anyway, thanks for stopping by to watch this video. I am by no means a good editor, but I did spend numerous hours putting this video together for you, so if you do enjoy the way I put this together, please leave a LIKE! COMMENT! or SUBSCRIBE! Thank you and have a good day! -TalkingThrones

Original Song Created & Composed By: Ramin Djawadi.

Remix Done By: Alexis Julemier Composer.

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