Niantic (developers of Pokemon GO) have announced that they’ll be teaming up with Warner Bros Entertainment and WB Games to create Harry Potter Wizards Unite (also known as Harry Potter GO), a new augmented reality mobile game coming in 2018! With Pokemon GO reaching number one spot on the iOS and Android Stores in just a few weeks of it’s release it’s fair to say that augmented reality may be the beginning of an incredible new era, and with Harry Potter Wizards Unite featuring these capabilities this could yet again be another huge success for Niantic. The question is; will Harry Potter Wizards Unite be anything like Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go allowed the die-hard fans to capture their favourite Pokemon in the open world bringing millions of people out onto the streets to progress on their level and pokedex. It’s still early days so we are not one hundred percent certain on what to except from Niantic on this all new Harry Potter Go game, however if Pokemon Go is anything to go by we could be in for a treat. We’re imagining that just like Pokemon Go players, we’ll be able to level up and unlock rewards at specific levels along with being eligible to choose our preferred Harry Potter house at the start – Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

This all new AR Mobile Game will allow players to pioneer gameplay mechanics and new technology. Users can truly experience the wizardry which lies ahead in this new adventure – learn spells, explore their neighbourhoods and team up with others to take down the enemy.

Alongside the announcement of Wizards Unite, we also saw some new information on an upcoming RPG game for mobile called Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery which we’ll soon be announcing some new intel on, stay tuned.

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