Metal Version | Guitar Cover of Game Of Thrones Theme.

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Audio credits

Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming – Chandresh Kudwa
Mixed & Mastered by Chandresh Kudwa

Video Credits

Shot & Edited by Chandresh Kudwa

Guitar Signal Chain / Equipment used –

For the Guitar solos –

Ibanez J Custom Rg 8420ZD (with Seymour Duncan Pickups)- Bogner La Grange

For Rhythm –

Les Paul Standard (with Burstbucker Pickups)- MI Audio Crumchbox

The signal chain mentioned below remained pretty constant for both the guitars & pedals

Fender Blues Junior amp – Two Notes Torpedo Live (Mesa 4×12 IR) – Lexicon Mpx 1 (custom patch Chorus, Delay & Reverb) – Apogee Duet – Recorded into Logic X – Mixed & Mastered in Logic X