A mix of relaxing and beautiful music from Seasons 1-4 of Game of Thrones. Composed by Ramin Djawadi.

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Track list:

00:00:00 Goodbye Brother
00:03:04 I Am Hers, She Is Mine
00:05:18 Dark Wings, Dark Words
00:08:06 Two Swords
00:09:56 The Real North
00:11:39 When The Sun Rises In The West
00:14:16 Kill Them All
00:16:43 The Night Is Dark
00:19:36 Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors
00:21:10 Winterfell
00:23:49 Mother Of Dragons
00:26:20 I’m Sorry For Today
00:28:28 The North Remembers
00:30:57 House Of The Undying
00:35:54 A Golden Crown
00:37:30 You Are No Son Of Mine
00:41:56 I Only See What Matters
00:43:17 A Raven From King’s Landing
00:44:27 I Paid The Iron Price
00:47:42 Mhysa
00:51:31 You Know Nothing
00:54:49 The Old Gods And The New
00:57:24 King Of The North
00:58:48 You’ll Be A Queen One Day
1:00:20 We Are The Watchers On The Wall
1:01:54 Kingslayer
1:05:02 Forgive Me
1:07:29 Heir To Winterfell
1:09:39 A Bird Without Feathers
1:11:36 I Have To Go North
1:12:56 The Children
1:15:35 For The Realm