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So the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale aired last week and it was incredible, I think that was honestly the best episode of any TV show I’ve ever seen, the first 20 minutes were incredible and the soundtrack to accompany it was amazing. It was such a deviation from normal GoT music and it had that sense of unease and that something big was going to happen.

The original song was 9 minutes long so I took some liberties with the arrangement to get it to a reasonable length and to get it to flow nicely. I used my acoustic for this one which hasn’t actually been used in about 2 years, I broke a string and then just put it away and haven’t touched it so I tried it again for this one. I think it turned out okay, I’m obviously more comfortable with heavy stuff so I’m still a bit rusty with the acoustic production. I also actually tried singing for this one too, I used to be a member of several choirs when I was younger (Soprano, later on Tenor) so I did my best falsetto for this one.

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