Whole soundtrack to Game of Thrones s06e10 with music by Ramin Djawadi.

Note: None of this music is mine. I appreciate the music and I do not claim it.

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Songs in order:
00:00 – 9:58 Light of Seven (The citizens of King’s Landing gather at the High Septon for the trial of Cersei Lannisterl & Loras Tyrell which is to be judged by the 7 Septons; Cersei smirking from the Red Keep).

9:58 – 12:40 Maester (Sam looking on at all the books he can read in the Great Library; Jon lamenting to Melisandre of the good old days when he was a boy in Winterfell).

12:40 – 15:22 WinterFell (Sansa tells Jon that a White raven has arrived from the Citadel confirming winter is here).

15:22 – 17:54 The Tower (Bran becomes the Three – Eyed Raven and sees his father and sister Lyanna promise that he protect their son).

17:55 – 21:09 Winter Has Come (Jon is declared King of The North).

21:10 – 23:24 Hear Me Roar (Cersei is crowned new ruler of the Iron Throne).

23:25 – 26:55 The Winds of Winter (Khalesi the dragons and the many ships sail across to Westeros; END TITLES).