One small family-run factory in the heart of India’s capital city is already making the costumes for the next and final series of Game of Thrones.

Rangarsons, based in New Delhi, northern India, is a costume manufacturer, that started working with top Hollywood movies three decades ago after a chance meeting with an Oscar winning costume designer. Now, they supply Game of Thrones with many of its extraordinary costumes. Managing Director Manjot Rana, 50, said he will be sad when the series ends and the team are already working on the costumes for the final series.

‘There is no better feeling than to see our products being used by a series like Game of Thrones,’ he added. ‘It is an era in itself and it is our honour to have been associated with them. Their popularity has just continued to expand and it is no less than a big feature film. I don’t think there’s ever been a television series as popular as Game of Thrones.’ Rangarsons started in 1945 and initially worked as a supplier of military ceremonial uniforms and accoutrements to the Indian army. But 72 years later, Rangarsons is now known for creating authentic props and fabric costumes and accessories for some of Hollywood’s biggest productions. With one factory in Gurugram city and their head office in the small and humble area of Lajpat Nagar, in New Delhi, Manjot admits Rangarsons started with only a few workers.

‘Rangarsons was started by my grandfather Paramjeet Singh Rana with only 10 people,’ Manjot said. ‘However, today as the business has expanded, we have a team of around 70 people who put in blood and sweat to create the most amazing merchandising for Hollywood productions.’ Rangarsons secured its first international Hollywood project 35 years back when Oscar winning British costume designer John Mollo was on a visit to India hunting for costumes and military regalia for his upcoming movie, Gandhi, which was globally acknowledged and awarded.

Manjot explained: ‘It was quite random. There was no internet or any such facility to search for military regalia makers back then. People followed telephone directories only and our name was the first on the list, so he landed on our doorstep and that was it. It was possibly the most random project we ever secured, with no idea of where it would lead us to today.’

Following the success of Gandhi, Rangarsons was the most talked about Indian manufacturers in Hollywood and productions houses continued to use their services.

Manjot added: ‘We have made costumes and props for a lot of big movies, we have a long list now. ‘For Game of Thrones, we make a lot of their historic looking props including their badges, house embroidered logos including House of Lannister banner , tents, metal pots, carts, handicrafts, weapon racks, saddle racks, and a lot of their general fabric and trimmings needed for such historic scenes.

‘Our fabrics are made in different parts of the country, while the wooden and metal products are made in Jodhpur and the costumes and military products are made at the Gurugram factory. There’s great scope for getting these rustic things in India which is certainly missing in the West.’ He further explained that each design comes direct from the design team and if it’s not possible they sometimes create their own designs. ‘We work off each and every design that comes from the Game of Thrones design team and then we make it, but if it’s sometimes not possible, we try to make something similar and then send it to the team for approval before we start.’

Now that the final series of the popular show is beckoning Manjot said they’re all feeling the pressure. But Manjot is set to visit the Game of Thrones set, in Belfast, in October, one last time and is very excited. ‘We’ve been associated with Game of Thrones since the beginning,’ he said. ‘It is so popular. I’m obviously aware of the importance of Game of Thrones in everyone’s life. I had no idea it was going to go so big when we started.’

Senior Merchandiser Namrata Singh, 30, said: ‘I had no idea what we did when I joined here two years ago. I was just told we made fabrics, costumes and props for Hollywood productions and that in itself was so exciting to hear. But now, to know that I am associated with one of the biggest series in the world makes me and my family very proud of me.

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