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Game of Thrones Theme (cover) for 23 Low Brass. (11 Bass Trombones, 6 Contrabass Trombones, 6 Tenor Trombones, 6 Tubas, and 3 Cimbassos)

A few New York City low brass players were joking around at a gig a year ago, talking about how much fun it would be fun to record an arrangement of some cool piece of music with an “extra low” low brass section. (Meaning: an extra special amount of bass trombone players, along with a tuba and a few tenor trombones.) An epic piece of music like the Game of Thrones theme would be perfect for this. The idea almost never got off the ground, due to the expected difficulties in putting something like this together. Two weeks ago, with the current Game of Thrones season coming to a close and the deadline approaching to release this track, they realized there was actually a 90 min timeslot on a random Tuesday afternoon when 6 contrabass trombone players were all going to be free at once. It was time to do it. Once you get Six Contra players in one place, you either run away fast- or join in. Seventeen other top orchestral and commercial NYC low brass players joined them, bringing the ensemble to 23 players, and this is the result. Enjoy the sound.


George Curran • bass and contrabass trombone
George Flynn • bass and contrabass trombone
Matt Ingman • bass and contrabass trombone
Jeff Nelson • bass and contrabass trombone
James Rogers • bass and contrabass trombone
Jack Schatz • bass and contrabass trombone
Patrick Herb • bass trombone
Mark Johansen • bass trombone
Christopher Olness • bass trombone
Max Seigel • bass trombone
Dale Turk • bass trombone
Tim Albright • tenor trombone
Demian Austin • tenor trombone
Mike Boschen • tenor trombone
Thomas Hutchinson • tenor trombone
William Lang • tenor trombone
Jörgen van Rijen • tenor trombone
Andrew Bove • tuba and cimbasso
Stephen Johns • tuba and cimbasso
Morris Kainuma • tuba and cimbasso
Joe Exely • tuba
Chuck Kerrigan • tuba
Marcus Rojas • tuba

Music by Ramin Djawadi
Arranged for Low Brass by Brian Mahany

Recorded on June 10th, 2014 at at Gene & Shelley Enlow Recital Hall at Kean University in Union, New Jersey

Recorded by Bove Audio
Engineered by Andrew Bove and Doug Bove
Edited and Mixed by Andrew Bove
Video filmed and edited by Purple Critter Media

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Twitter: @boveaudio