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Entire Game of Thrones Timeline (12,000 yrs)
I’ll cover from the moment the white walkers return, all the way back to the first men invading Westeros and battling the children of the forest + everything in between like…
Age of Heroes, The long night, Azor Ahai, The Wall, Night’s king, Andal invasion, Valyrians discovering dragons, Rhoynar migration, founding of Dragonstone, Targaryen Migration to Dragonstone,
The Doom of Valyria, Aegon’s Conquest, The Dance of the Dragons, Last dragon dying, Dorne joing the Seven Kingdoms, Blackfyre Rebellions, Dunk and Egg, Summerhall tragedy, Reynes of castemere,
King Aerys 2nd descent to madness, Tourney at Harrenhal, Lyanna Stark kidnapped, Death of the Starks, Robert’s rebellion, Daenerys’ birth, and finally the Greyjoy Rebellion

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