Balon Greyjoy is found washed up on one of the shores of Pyke after what was thought to be an accidental fall off a bridge during a bad storm. Balon’s eldest living son Theon was made into a eunuch while under the imprisonment and torture of Ramsey Bolton and his daughter Asha being just that…a daughter, inheritance of the Iron Islands was in question. Aeron Greyjoy, Balon’s younger brother, and Drowned God priest brings up the option of a tradition long forgotten…The Kingsmoot. But after being exiled by Balon some 15 ago, who happens to show up at the Kingsmoot but Euron Greyjoy, the eldest living brother of Balon. Called the Crow’s Eye due to Euron missing an eye(supposedly) and having a ship called the Silence with a black sail and one red eye and two crows. The Silence is also crewed with mutes due to Euron cutting out their tongues. At the Kingsmoot any Ironborn are allowed to make a claim to why they should wear the “Driftwood Crown” and rule the Iron Islands. After everyone that was willing to make their claim, Euron strides in telling everyone how he was in the Smoking Sea of Valyria and has found a 6ft horn that binds dragons to the holder’s will. And there just happens to be a Targaryen girl with 3 dragons in Meereen. Euron also promises the Ironborn that with Dany and her dragons, he will take the Iron Thrones and the Ironborn will have all the riches that come with it. We do not Sow.

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