These chats and profiles just goes to shows how hilarious tinder can be, the dating app is a gold mine of awkward conversations and laugh out loud bio descriptions. Before you think “here’s another boring list” these posts are quite rare and has been sourced from the deepest of depths of Tumblr. Tinder never seizes to amaze us.


Below are some select screenshots that made us literally roll on the floor laughing.

1. That escalated quickly

2. Let’s quantify the chances, data-driven people are the best.

3. Beastality is illegal guys, leave the dog alone.

4. F*ck the police, literally. Here’s your chance ladies!

5. Obama to Osama real quick. He’s the bomb.

6. He pulled the plug, bet she never heard that before!

7. That was quick, you don’t have anyone else to blame here mate.

8. Absolutely nailed it! Da Vinci would be proud

9. Bacon for life! We’re sure they porked after.

10. This guy deserves a medal! He won tinder that day.


Happy swiping folks, do write to us if you find something similar.

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