•Passion isn’t grey. It’s red•

✖FANFICTION! (Inspired by: Fifty shades of Grey)✖

As in the series, Melisandre left Stannis to find Gendry. Of course Stannis didn’t want her to abandon him but he couldn’t stop her. Melisandre found Gendry and took him with her. When she came back to Dragonstone with the boy, Stannis was upset becsause he noticed that something was going on with them. Although Melisandre’s intention was to kill Gendry, she unexpectedly fell in love with him and she didn’t want to hurt him. When she visited him in his chambers, they made love. Suddenly, Stannis bursted into the room with Davos and caught them together. After a while, he called Melisandre in his office. He blamed her for what she did and tried to kill her. Melisandre told him that she worships him and that she could never feel for Gendry what she feels for him. Stannis didn’t manage to resist to her words and beauty so……. watch the video and find out what happend!

~Show: Game of Thrones
~Characters: Melisandre. Stannis. Gendry

»Song: Crazy in love
»Artist: Kadebostany

❖Happy Valentine’s Day❖


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